Musician . Composer . Music leader



As a music leader, I have been privileged to work with adults and children in a diverse range of settings all over the UK. I have delivered music projects on specialist units within the prison service, writing and recording albums with participants. I work regularly in special schools, using music as a tool for communication and expression; and since 2011 I've been part of an inspiring team of eleven musicians working witihin the wards of Manchester Children's Hospital. Please see my 'Community & Leadership' page for more on my work as a music leader. 


My work as a composer is influenced by Gavin Bryars, John Zorn and Steve Reich, among others. I'm fascinated by the power of words and music woven together, and I like to explore the innate musicality of language. I often work with tape parts, and I'm interested in doctoring exisitng recordings, resetting them within a new context. Please take a look at my 'Music' page for some samples of my work.


As a musician, I perform all of my own compositions, as for me the process of experimenting, improvising, composing and performing are inextricably linked.

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